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2009-05-06 20:49:00 by MaxTheAwesomehog

I need a voice actor for Ashura the hedgehog HEAD.

Voice Actors


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2009-05-06 21:08:02

Good for you.

MaxTheAwesomehog responds:

jeez whats with the attitude here. I'm just looking for voice actor for this guy to make part 2 of my movie funny.


2009-05-06 21:29:38

maybe its because people are judging you before knowing you hmm they might think your those people who loves recoloring sonic and making flash of them fighting like DBZ XD even tho its not true. wow people should really pay attention


2009-05-07 19:19:16

Um, go fuck yourself you pathetic peice of shit. We don't need your kind ruining the good face of NG.


2009-05-07 21:44:12

Come back when you're thirteen.